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Location: CaliforniaEstablished: October 31, 1994Size: AcresTwo of the systems 794000 Mojave and Colorado desert are contiguous in the Joshua Tree National Park, Southern California Division in two contrasts deep the emergence of arid ecosystems. Height is the key to their differences. Colorado, the western boundary of the vast Sonoran Desert grows below 3000 feet gently along the eastern flank, where the temperatures are usually higher in the Park. Desert reflective small in comparison to more noble, more moist and covered with vegetation on the Mojave Desert, Colorado seems menacing and skimpy. Starts in the middle of the Park, creosote empty pools, shrubs knows the momentum. Sometimes desert decorative gardens of blossoming ocotillo and Cholla Cactus, flows through the aggregate of the Pinto basin in a dry Rocky, broken coxcomb mountains and virgin mary save my marriage an eagle. Many newcomers among the 1. 3 million visitors, who each year are surprised by the abrupt transition between the Mojave and Colorado of the ecosystems. More than 3000 feet, the part of the Western Mojave claimed half of the Park, where thrives branched cassava giants in Sandy Plains studded with giant granite monolith and scree slopes. These are some of the most interesting geological phenomena and most photogenic Permissionevent in many parts of the California desert. History of the Joshua tree began some time after the last ice age, with the arrival of Pinto, hunters and collectors, which can seem to be one of the oldest cultures of the Southwest. The Pinto lived in the catchment area, although today had a humid climate inhospitably barren and was crossed by a slow River, there are 5. 000-7 000 years. The Indians in the region offer nomadic groups life, seasonal Cactus subsistence harvest pine seeds, mesquite beans, acorns and berries. Masonry mortar of Roca Agujeros on the spot in a rock solid and is scattered to the spraying of seeds during the preparation of food - throughout the region, the country of the wonders of the rocks in the South of the site of the Indian camp Cove. A wave of end of the century of XIX ventures left ruins of gold; Some are about roads, streets or maintain you suitable not only for vehicles of four-wheel drive on all four wheels and mountain bikes. How get there West and North of the Park are tickets in the town of Joshua Tree and Twentynine palms. From Los Angeles, take 10, California is 62 (Twentynine Palms Hwy.) in Twentynine Palms (about 140 miles). The south entrance is in the Cottonwood spring, about 25 miles east of India in addition to Interstate 10. Call the + 1-760-367-5500 for registered addresses. Airports: Palm Springs, the Angeles. When the Parque about arrival. The temperatures are pleasant in spring and autumn, with an average high / low of 85 ° and 50 ° f. Winter brings cooler days, around 60 ° F and cold nights. The summers are hot with temperatures often above 100° F MIDI and the soil temperature reaches 180 ° c. In the area of the Mojave Desert Park West half an average 11 degrees colder in Colorado. In the winter, snow can cover heights above Mojave. Spring flowering times vary depending on the to of precipitation of the temperature while the Cactus can bloom in winter and spring, usually from February on lower level and goals through the Park in March and April, in June. (Check with the Park Office). For the latest information, registers, wild flower, visit NPS www, Gov/Jotr. As a Premier of leisure park branched forests visit Yucca giant named Joshua, formations of rock mass and fan Palm oases and seasonal gardens Cholla, ocotillo half served a beautiful day, which contains two areas of high and low Desierto Bueno, who spend more time in the car in a car travel. Picturesque roads lead asphalt according the campsites and starting points. Interpretive roadshows are sliding and parking areas, and provide insight into the complex ecology of the flora of the desert and human history. If you are planning to explore the mountain bike park, they will recommend to avoid the cobbled streets that no shoulders are narrow. Find more solitude and safety, the bike paths in the area of the Park, many, like the Valley of the Queen, which goes back to the time of the homestead and the introduction of the 19th century in the region. Do not forget to reliable information about the administration of your itinerary, get in the soft sand, and occasionally steep ascents possible, uphill pedal. For a half-day tour of the northern border of the park where the cycle Park Boulevard in the town of Joshua Tree entrance West railway station or Twentynine Palms, the entrance North train station. When the air is clear (see entry on conditions of fog), diversion of 20 minutes in terms of 5185 key meters high, overlooking a vast landscape of the basin of the dry desert and beach, which stretches South of Mexico. If you to Joshua Tree, back to the Park Avenue and eastwards through the passage of sheep to Jumbo rocks, turn right (South) on the way to the basin of Pinto for the hard drive down Largo perspectives in the Colorado desert area. Don't forget hiking trails through the garden of Cholla cactus and ocotillo patch. Returning to Twentynine palms and the OASIS visitors center, with a small garden cactus and great interpretation of the desert ecology. It borders the historical oasis of Mara (one of the five OASIS within the Park lined), where the Indians are once game, shadow, food and water. If you from Twentynine palms and the OASIS to leave Visitor Center, comes from the South end patch ocotillo and then back to the Park Boulevard and follow her West in Joshua Tree, .